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about me

headshotI’m fortunate to have made a career working with beautiful things as a stylist, buyer and brand consultant for national and international product lines.

For me, sourcing and styling are about inspiring customers, about bringing in the right products and creating the right space, so that in a showroom or reading a magazine ad people say, yes, I want to take this home.

Styling is about the play of light, angles, product and space. I love how objects relate to each other, enhance each other, and become more than the sum of their parts. But it’s also about understanding how different target markets buy, and speaking to what they aspire to have and to be.

I started out working in interior design and space planning. From there, I found myself in visual merchandising, which included styling for photo shoots – and I felt right at home. I spent subsequent years in product development, design and purchasing. Now I get to travel the world, sourcing new products and styling concepts that are brand-cohesive and, ultimately, sellable.

I’m collaborative. I’m flexible. I’m upbeat. And I’m always focused on the styling objective – showcasing brands and products at their highest appeal.



CONTACT: karen@kmscreativedesign.com | 1.604.612.2185